who is on my website

Make hotel and resort sales EASIER.

"Every hotel GM should have this tool for their sales reps. This tool gives us access to information we thought we could never know."

Rob Clough, VP
Queen Charlotte Lodge


Keep your CVB and DMO members HAPPY.

Prove to your membership you, your staff, and your website are working hard to generate business for them.


ATTRACT more business to YOUR CITY.

Compete more effectively with other cities to attract business to YOUR city. Know which companies are considering an investment right now.


Could you sell more meetings, rooms and F&B if you knew which companies were on your Meetings website pages right now?

... And could you close more deals if you knew when prospects were actually reviewing your proposals? If you're like every hotel and resort sales rep, DoS and GM we've spoken to, the answer is YES. Knowing which companies are on your key meetings and business travel website pages is now possible, and is a sales weapon every hotel and resort sales team should have.

"The number of leads that we are receiving from your tool is amazing and I couldn’t be happier." Director of Revenue, Novotel Ottawa

You've told us about how you lie awake at night stressing about whether or not you'll hit your quota. You find it difficult to actually get in touch with your clients because they are so incredibly busy nowadays. And you're tired of making seemingly aimless cold calls to companies that result in few (if any) leads.

You've told us you need a better way to win more corporate business to help you meet your quotas and keep your property busy during those more difficult midweek and off-season periods.

Your Bottom Line: You need to book in more corporate meetings and business travel.

If your hotel sales team covets Corporate Meetings & Business Travel business, CAN YOU AFFORD NOT to have the same information your competitors could be using right now TO WIN THE DEALS YOU DESERVE?

Top 5 Ways our new, inexpensive and easy-to-use tool helps proactive hotel sales teams get more corporate business:

#1 ... You'll generate more corporate leads for slower midweek and off-season periods. Considering that something like 97% of visitors to your website are anonymous, we make them a lot less so. By using a visitor’s IP address, your sales reps can see exactly which companies are visiting your important Corporate Meetings & Business Travel web pages. With just a tiny snippet of code, your email inbox will transform overnight into an active engine for generating strong corporate leads each and every day.

#2 ... You'll know which companies to call. Would your sales reps sell more if they knew which companies to call? Rather than wasting time leaving messages (and rarely hearing back from) companies you think are interested in your property, you'll be able to spend your valuable time focusing on those that are. Get key contacts for companies visiting your website within your own database, on Jigsaw.com or LinkedIn, or use your own detective techniques, and you'll identify corporate prospects quicker than ever before.

#3 ... You'll know when to call them. Your prospects and clients are busy people with a hundred things to do every single day. Time your outbound call to them when you know you're top of mind. In hotel sales, reaching out to a prospect or client when they are actually thinking about your property significantly increases the chance of connecting and making a sale.

#4 ... You'll know what your prospect is looking for before ever picking up the phone. Your sales reps will be better prepared for their conversation with the prospect because they'll know which page they've looked at on your hotel's website.

#5 ... You'll know which prospects you sent a proposal to are REALLY interested. Your sales reps will be able to often prioritize which prospects are HOT by getting an alert when that same company comes back to your hotel website. Don't delay! Now's the best time to follow up with them!


Get your real-time Website Visitor Alerts sent to anyone, anywhere, on any device, 24/7/365.

No learning new technology, and no frustrating training period. If you can get email, you're all set.

If you and your hotel sales team are happy just sitting back and waiting for leads to come in, this tool isn't for you. But, if your sales reps are hungry to win more business, and willing to be proactive to make it happen, your new sales weapon is ready to launch.

For just a small monthly investment, not only will you receive our Real-Time Website Visitor Alerts, but now you'll also receive our exclusive Known Visitor Tracking, Daily Website Visitor Reports, Weekly Keyword Ranking Reports, and Quarterly Website Performance Reports. You'll win more corporate business and be confident knowing you're staying on top of critical intelligence your property needs to be successful.