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"Every hotel GM should have this tool for their sales reps. This tool gives us access to information we thought we could never know."

Rob Clough, VP
Queen Charlotte Lodge


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Prove to your membership you, your staff, and your website are working hard to generate business for them.


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Compete more effectively with other cities to attract business to YOUR city. Know which companies are considering an investment right now.


Frequently asked questions.

You're a smart businessperson. You've got questions, and we want you to feel comfortable about how this all works, and more.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions. Don't see your question? Ask it here.

I already have Google Analytics. Why would I want this?

Does Google Analytics send you an alert via email when a company you've been prospecting visits your website? Does Google Analytics send you a report each night showing you which companies, prospects and customers have been on your website? Does Google Analytics send you a report each week warning you if your most important search terms that drive business to your website have fallen off Page One of Google and Bing's search results? Does Google Analytics send you a quarterly report telling you if your website traffic for the past few months is increasing or declining, what your top search terms for traffic are, whether or not your social media efforts are paying off, and more?

Google Analytics does none of this. Who Is On Your Website? does.

Is this legal?

Yes. What this software is doing is pulling together raw data that you already have legal access to such as a list of IP address visiting your website, massive online directories of which IP address belongs to which company in the world, and web analytics which pump out raw, hard-to-read data about search terms, traffic volume, and more.

If I already have access to the raw data, why wouldn't I just compile this data myself?

Yes, if you wanted to you could instead contact your "web guy" and ask him every minute of every day to tell you what IP addresses are visiting your site, then go to a public online directory and manually search one-by-one for each of those IP addresses to tell you which company belongs to each. This simply is not practical. If you're like 99.999% of sales professionals and managers out there, you absolutely don't have the time! And even if you did, isn't your time worth more than a few dollars a day?

When I reach out to call a company I see is/has been on my website, won't they be a little freaked out?

There is no need to alter your talk track from what you normally say when you cold call. Certainly DON'T start the conversation with "Hey, I saw you snooping around on our website!" Instead, when they say "I was just thinking about you guys" or "I was just on your website recently" simply express how your "timing is impeccable" and you're "so happy you caught them at such a good time." Initiate a great conversation about how your offering is the perfect fit for what they're looking for.

It's great that I can now see which companies are interested in us. How can I find out who to ask for?

With our Known Visitor Tracking, in cases where a visitor has filled out a form you'll be able to see the identity of the exact person who was on your website. Amazing.

When all you know is the company name, when you make a prospecting call now to a company, who do you ask for? What questions do you ask the receptionist to get to the right person? With this tool it's no different other than your chances of having a conversation with the right person are exponentially higher. You can also use tools like LinkedIn and Jigsaw.com to look up the name of their Meeting Planner or other related position employee.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! Register for your FREE TRIAL here.

Do I have to commit to a one year subscription?

If you're like most companies out there, you've likely made the occassional poor investment when it comes to software that promises to change how you do business. We won't ask you to commit a large investment up front. All you need to do is take one month at a time. Want to cancel? No problem. Just complete your monthly cycle and your subscription will be completed. And with our low prices, this is an investment that will return exponentially.

What's included in my subscription?

For just a small monthly investment, not only will you receive our Real-Time Website Visitor Alerts, but now you'll also receive our exclusive Known Visitor Tracking, Daily Website Visitor Reports, Weekly Keyword Ranking Reports, and Quarterly Website Performance Reports.

I want to subscribe, but I'm not allowed to utilize PayPal to make a payment. What should I do?

No worries. Contact us to let us know your situation. We'll get back in touch with you to make other arrangements for processing your monthly credit card payment.