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Make hotel and resort sales EASIER.

"Every hotel GM should have this tool for their sales reps. This tool gives us access to information we thought we could never know."

Rob Clough, VP
Queen Charlotte Lodge


Keep your CVB and DMO members HAPPY.

Prove to your membership you, your staff, and your website are working hard to generate business for them.


ATTRACT more business to YOUR CITY.

Compete more effectively with other cities to attract business to YOUR city. Know which companies are considering an investment right now.


Prove to your members your marketing efforts are sending them business.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a CVB or DMO is retaining and gaining members. Members often struggle with justifying their investment in your organization, and as a result demand to know "what have you done for me lately?"

You've told us about how you loathe taking yet another call from a disgruntled member who questions how your tourism body is helping them. And for those members who don't call, you lose sleep worrying about retaining them as members once renewal season arrives. Every membership dollar counts with funding being so tight nowadays.

Your Bottom Line: You need to be able to show your members your efforts are helping them increase their sales in a way that won't take a ton of your time.

If your CVB or DMO is spending too much time dealing with unhappy, disengaged members or having challenges retaining and gaining members, CAN YOU AFFORD NOT to have the an easy to use tool that will prove to your members that your marketing efforts are helping them?

"The number of leads that we are receiving from your tool is amazing and I couldn’t be happier." Director of Revenue, Novotel Ottawa

Top 3 Ways our new, inexpensive and easy-to-use tool will help you retain and gain more members:

#1 ... Members will be alerted via email whenever a company views their member listing on your website. By sending a steady stream of website visitor alerts to your member's email inbox, you'll constantly remind them that your tourism website is generating interest in their company. The result? Fewer calls from disgruntled members who are unclear how their membership is helping them build their business.

#2 ... Your sales reps will win more business for your destination. Would your CVB sales reps sell more if they knew which companies to call? Rather than wasting time leaving messages (and rarely hearing back from) companies you think are interested in your destination, you'll be able to spend your valuable time focusing on those that are. When you're able to sell your destination more effectively more often, your membership will thank you for the increased business.

#3 ... Your marketing team will know what's working (and what isn't). With Who Is On My Website's quarterly Website Performance Reports and weekly Keyword Ranking Reports, your marketing team will finally regain control over your marketing efforts, now being able to easily determine which marketing investments are effective and should be enhanced, versus those that need improvement or should be stopped. Marketing budgets are always being squeezed. Ensuring every dollar spent is driving visits to your destination and your members is critical.


Get your real-time Website Visitor Alerts sent to your members 24/7/365.

No learning new technology, and no frustrating training period. If your members have an email address, you're all set.

For just a small monthly investment, not only will your members receive our Real-Time Website Visitor Alerts, but now you'll also receive our exclusive Known Visitor Tracking, Daily Website Visitor Reports, Weekly Keyword Ranking Reports, and Quarterly Website Performance Reports. Your members will be happier seeing for themselves how your marketing efforts are helping them build their business.